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Richard here

I have a wonderful family consisting of Valerie, Jessica, Gemma and ZoŽ and Boris the guinea pig.

We originally lived in  East London but moved away some time ago and lived in Kent and then on to North Yorkshire, still and its great.

As many people who know me I started off many years ago working in a Garage with cars and then after a few years at that a change was needed.

Well a change and more money, I ended up working in the building trade and picked up the skills of being a plasterer from Bob (The builder) Toby, yes you got it he's my Dad, we worked together for a long time and a good laugh.

Well I met Valerie by way of a mate and ended up together for a long time and then suddenly we managed to get our girls and no don't ask how; if you don't know then you aren't old enough too know.

So we had Jessica and Gemma almost a year apart and were happy and eventually moved out to Kent, some years went by and we decided we wanted another bundle of joy; yes you guessed it we had a ZoŽ.

Well due to work and other things we ended up moving up to Yorkshire until this day, I work for the British Library and Valerie works for North Yorkshire council; the girls are all on the verge of growing up and are studying A Levels at the moment (ZoŽ is still at school)

Oh and finally we decided most recently that we wanted to get married after such a long time (we been together 20 years) wow what a time and it has been so cool; we are getting married in Dominican Republic in July 2008 (www.whocares100.co.uk/toby) go have a look and leave us a message if you like.

Valerie here and yes you guessed it, I am making an honest man of Richard (as honest as I can), anyone who remembers me from way back will recall I was an hairdresser to start with and in a way how I met Richard.

Always cutting his hair and making him tea and coffee while he and my brother worked on cars and motorbikes outside, I worked in as a barmaid for a while at the "Duke of Devonshire" and met lots of friends there it was great; and good time was had by all.

I worked for the Corporation of London and enjoyed it very much, alas we moved and I had to find a new job; hey the " Art's council of England" came along and I worked when I first moved to Yorkshire (down side was a 50 mile commute) each day.

Now days I work for York and Selby council and love my work and am always looking for new challenges.

It has taken nearly 20 years of living together and having 3 wonderful daughters to make the final leap and get married.

We are planning to take the plunge in July 2008 in the Dominican Republic, anyone that can manage to make it there is more than welcome..

Feel free to have a look around the web site and leave a message, why not join the forum I have set up; just for fun.





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